It’s always nice to be prepared, and remembering all of your stuff, so we have compiled a checklist for your convenience.


Before you leave home, remember to:

  • Update Windows (or Linux/Unix/MacOS!)
  • Update your antivirus and run a full scan.
  • Install the games you expect to be playing and get them updated. There won’t be time for that once you arrive at NPF 😉
  • Let Steam, Origin, and other launchers install and update your games. That way it is quicker to get started.


Stuff you need to bring:

  • Ticket (if you got it on your phone – that’s fine)
  • ID in the form of a health insurance card, driver license or similar if there should be any issues with your ticket
  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Mouse / Mousepad
  • Keyboard
  • Batteries for wireless mouse / keyboard
  • Headset
  • Power cables
  • Monitor cable
  • Power strip for own usage (NPF only supply 1 power outlet to each participant, and remember a convert to DK power plugs, if your country’s standard isn’t compatible!)
  • Network cable (10 meters, CAT 5E or higher, is advised)
  • Sleeping bag / sleeping pad / air mattress
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Charger for you phone
  • Money for food, soda and candy (Support NPF – Buy your snacks in the NPF Shop!)
  • Drivers for your network card, graphics card, sound card etc.
  • Backup or a medium with your operating system and drivers (if the need should arise)

The lists are only guidelines but should cover the needs of most. Remember your space is limited, so please make sure you can store all your belongings on your designated seat.