The participants at NPF can use our Discord server, but others are welcome as well. The server can be used to chat with other participants. It is also a requirement to be online on the server if you participate in tournaments, so the NPF GameCrew can get in contact with you.

Or use the invite code “NPF”.

By joining the server you accept the rules below

Rules for Discord

§1. Be awesome

We expect people to be awesome at the server. No mean, insulting, racist, homophobic, pornographic or sexists chat.

§2. Keep a sober tone

No swearing, spamming or misuse of Discords features. Everyone will have a nicer time then.

§3. Have fun

We are all at NPF to have fun. So don’t take everything personally, and remember we are gamers. It should be possible to talk about everything, without unnecessary drama. If you read something that offends you, you have 3 options (which should be performed in order).

  1. Take a deep breath and calm down
  2. Stop reading the thread
  3. Contact an admin

§4. Talk together

If you get into an argument with another user on Discord, first try to resolve it yourself in a quite manner. If this does not work you should contact an admin.

§5. Support

If you got any questions in regards to Discord you can ask in on there. Any other questions regarding NPF can be directed at NPF HelpDesk either in person at the event, on our Facebook page or on

§6. Admins

Administrators on Discord will always have the final word. We reserve the right to kick / ban / mute etc. we find fitting if any of the before mentioned rules are broken.