How do I sign up and reserve a seat?

Before you can reserve a seat, you must have bought a ticket.
When you are in possession of a ticket, you can follow this guide (english translation pending) to reserve a seat.

Reservation of seats will only be possible after the opening of the seat reservation. This will happen in September.

How much space do I have?

There are two types of seats at NPF.

  • Ordinary seats: 2 participants shares one table with the measurements of approximately 180 x 75 cm. That means each participants will have 90 x 75 cm. available
  • XL seats: Each participants got their own table measuring 120 x 75 cm.

What type of equipment can I plug in at my seat?

You are ONLY allowed to plug in your computer and a cell phone charger. In the term computer we also include a monitor. Two monitors can be accepted in some cases, if they do not provide any issues. If issues arises, we can demand that a monitor (or other non-essential equipment) be disconnected to prevent an overload on the power grid.

Can I bring a refrigerator, kettle etc. to NPF?

No you cannot bring a fridge or similar high-power equipment to NPF.

To not overload the power-grid it is ONLY allowed to hook up a computer, monitor and a phone charger at your seat. If more is connected, you could overload the grid, and cause a power outage for your entire table row.

How do I create a group?

If you aren’t signed up for NPF, you have to do that first. During the signup process you will be asked if you want to create or join a group. If you haven’t done it during signup, by using the menu Tilmelding and choose Ret tilmelding og gruppe. Then press the button Create Group.

This will only be possible when we get closer to the opening of the seat reservation – it will open in September.

I want to participate in multiple tournaments – Can I do that?

All tournaments will be open for everyone as a general rule. However there is the limitation that multiple tournaments will be played concurrently, so you would have to choose which one to actually participate in. The schedule for the tournaments will be announced at when it is ready.

If you are knocked out of a tournament, before the next tournament you want to participate in begins, you will be able to sign up to that tournament afterwards.

When does the signup for the tournaments start?

Signup for the tournaments will start at noon Friday, at the starting day of NPF. Signup is open up until one hour before the tournament begins. Signup will take place at

Are there special tickets for managers?

No, there aren’t special tickets for managers. If a manger wants to participate at NPF together with his team he would have to by a ticket as everyone else. We have decided this, because we use a great deal of our income to make NPF fun for everyone, and this will include the managers.

Can guests enter NPF?

Yes. See more under tickets.

Can I get a shower during NPF?

Yes you can. Messe C (Fredericia Exhibition Center) is situated across the street from Fredericia Sports Center, where it will be possible to get a shower if you turn in a shower ticket. These can be bought in The NPF Shop. See more under tickets.

What rules are there at NPF?

Of course it shouldn’t be necessary to put it in writing that people will have to behave. This is common knowledge. But aside from that we have the following ruleset.

What does NPF provide?

NPF provides a very cool weekend and experience for you and your friends. Since we are playing computer games this means:

  • Power (one DK outlet per participant)
  • Network (one outlet per participant)
  • Internet connection
  • Lots of Danish “hygge”
  • Lots of tournaments
  • A live stand-up performance both Friday and Saturday (in Danish)

If I don’t own a game can I get a copy?

No of course you can’t! Copying games is illegal and NPF will not condone this. Furthermore a lot of newer games requires online verification before the game can be started.

Do I have to sign up to join?

It is not required to sign up. However it is required that you have bought a ticket.

It is a huge advantage to sign up! It will give you the opportunity to reserve a specific seat before the event + you will get a lot of relevant information and access to the tournaments at NPF.

Note that you can not participate in tournaments at NPF without being signed up.

How old do you have to be to attend NPF?

We do not have a specific age requirement. We do however have the requirement that you are old enough to take care of yourself, or in the company of a brother, parent, friend etc. that can provide for you.

Are you a parent then you can read our parent information (pending English translation).

What is the price?

See tickets.

What is the duration of the event?

The duration is 47 hours and the amount of sleep you will get may be quite limited. Tournaments will have a break during the night, allowing you to catch a little sleep, if you want.

Where does the event take place?

Do I have to show up when the event starts?

You decide for yourself when you want to show up. The entrance is open and manned 24 hours a day during the entire event. (see more under time and place).

When is it?

Do I have to bring my own computer?

Yes you do. You can get an idea of what else you ought to bring by taking a look at our checklist.

What do you do at NPF?

Shortly said: we play computer games! Nothing is quite that simple. At NPF there is so much more to do that “just” play computer games (even though it is an important part of it). NPF is:

  • Computer games both at a high level, but also for ordinary gamers
  • Danish “Hygge”
  • New friends
  • An exchange of knowledge and skills in regards to computers