CS:GO Academy

NPF’s CS:GO Academy turnering er tiltænkt skoler og uddannelsesinstitutioner der har CS:GO som en integreret del af deres undervisningsplan.

For tilmelding til CS:GO Academy bedes du sende en mail til [email protected]


  1. plads: Spiller-trøjer med navn på til hele holdet
  2. plads: Spiller-trøjer med navn på til hele holdet

Praktiske informationer




In this rulebook NPF ESPORT ACADEMY be named as (“event”) the (“the event”)

1. Disclaimer

Event staff will always, to the extent permitted by the rule book and the situations presented, to resolve a problem fairly.

If the rules do not cover a particular incident, Event staff reserves the right to govern and

change rules as it deems appropriate and in sportsmanship, integrity and spirit of the game.

If necessary, the Tournament Director can make decisions that change the rulebook to ensure the integrity and spirit of the game remains preserved.

If any part of the rulebook is considered invalid or impractical, this does not affect the validity of the rest of the rulebook.

All prize amounts are in Danish kroner.

Tournament management will be discussed in this set of rules, it includes posts such as, but not limited to Tournament Admins, Casters, Event Staff or anyone else involved in the Tournament run

2. General guidelines

2.1. Punctuality

Teams are expected to attend all official Event engagements, not limited to team briefings,

tournament matches, signing sessions, fan meetings, pre / post-match interviews and other

public relations, within a reasonable timeframe before their next match starts.

Delayed start of such engagements can result in warnings, penalties and, in the event of a fight, loss of matches.

2.2. Respect

All players are expected to treat Tournament Administration, other players, event staff, partners, press members and fans with the utmost respect.

This includes all equipment and hardware provided by the tournament and venue.
Damage or breach of such things may result in penalties and fines.

2.5. Verbal

Players should remember their language when communicating with event staff, opponents,

press members and others.

Continued vulgar language can result in warnings and penalties.

2.7. Confidentiality

It is expected that any correspondence between players and tournament staff is considered

strictly confidential and may only be published by the event or the like..

2.8. Logo / Brands

Generally, all sponsors / partners logos / brands are allowed on player clothing and peripherals. Exceptions to this include: adult / mature themes such as pornography and drug use.

Cases will be discussed individually.

Sponsor logo sizes of jerseys must be sized within reason to such an extent that a single

sponsor logo does not become the focal point of the jersey. An exception to this rule is the team’s own logo.

2.9. Team Name

Each team will be named as they are commonly known, without any title sponsor.

2.10. Online Matches

Teams will be allowed to play online league matches from the event as long as they do not

conflict with the activities of the event, including but not limited to official matches, media and

press commitments.

The event will enforce a restriction on the fact that teams and league organizers do not

schedule two Event teams to play an online match while teams participate in an event.

The teams have a responsibility to report to the league organizer what opponents they cannot

play during these periods. The event will communicate by Event, what times and dates are

reserved for official Event activities and therefore where teams can schedule, to arrange matches in their spare time.Participation in an Event Event is considered from the date of arrival to departure unless otherwise stated.

3. Tournament Administration

All tournament personnel are responsible for ensuring a fair, well-planned tournament first and foremost. They will monitor the behavior and behavior of all team members, issue warnings and penalties when needed.

4. Payout Structure

The total prize pool for the Event is listed on the Event website and benefits as well as listed there.

5. Team Roster

5.1. Qualified players

A team can consist of up to 5 starting players and 2 substitutes, which must be submitted at

least 1 day before the start of the match. Team coaches can NOT be used to fill the substitute position. A player may not have been VAC banned for the previous 2 years prior to the first match date.

5.2. Coach(es)

A team may submit a coach who is eligible to stand behind the team and communicate to the team during the match. During the match, the coach can only communicate during tactical timeouts and half-time / side changes. This also includes overtime and side changes in overtime.

6. Scheduling

6.1. Event schedule

The full schedule will be provided to all teams at least 48 hours prior to the event in a separate document. However, it may be at smaller events and events that this will not be handed over to the players. The schedule provided is a template for when the matches should be held at the latest.

6.2. Setup/ Warmup

Teams will be given at least 20 min setup and warm up before their first match each day. From there, there is no more setup / warm-up time as matches follow one another. Unless a player or coach is required for other official duties, e.g. An arena run-in or an interview on the broadcast, all players and coaches must be seated at their desks, ready to play any match 15 minutes before the match

7. Tournament Format

Tournament starts off with a group play of 4 teams per group. 1st and 2nd place will advance to Playoff A. 3rd and 4th will advance to Playoff B. All matches in the Group play will be held Best of 1The playoff tournament will be held in a single elimination format where all matches played Best of 3 except for the decider match which are Best of 1.

Quick summary:

Group Play Playoffs
X(Depending on signups) groups of 4 teams Single elimination bracket
Best of 1 Best of 3
1st + 2nd advances to Playoff A Decider match Best of 1
3rd +4th advances to Playoff B

8. Match settings

8.1. Server

Startmoney – 800

Roundtime – 1m55s

Freezetime – 20

Bomb timer – 40

Timeouts – 4*30s

Overtime – MR3 10k

8.2. Maps

The full map pool for the Tournament and the finals is the current competitive map pool,

including the following 7 maps:

  • de_vertigo
  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_mirage
  • de_nuke
  • de_overpass
  • de_ancient

8.3. Map Veto

The veto will happen immediately before a match starts. This can be done through the faceit veto system

8.4. Game Version

The tournament will use the latest version of the game client (csgo.exe), which will be used for the entire duration of the event. If the latest version is considered unplayable due to bugs or extreme game changes in the immediate vicinity, an older version is used in this case. Any update during the event will result in a revocation to the original version. Unless all players can agree to use the new version

8.5. Restricted Weapons

The tournament will use the current live limited weapons enforced by Valve.

If a weapon is added to the live game within a reasonable time before an event, adding it to the restricted weapons list can be excluded.

9. Software and Settings

9.1. General

Players are allowed to configure certain aspects of their PC, software and game client or

monitor settings to suit their preferences. These include, but are not limited to:

Digital Vibrance

Brightness / Gamma / Contrast

3D Settings through Nvidia control panel

Audio / Audio

Mouse accel / pointer precision / sensitivity


9.2. Overlays

Players may not use any type of overlay that provides information on top of the game client.

This includes but is not limited to tools such as Nvidia SLI Display, RivaTuner,

Teamspeak / Overwolf. Steam overlays like fps and main steam overlay are allowed.

The cl_showpos command must be at 0

9.3. Configs and Drivers

It is recommended to take pictures of their graphic settings and other important settings so that they can easily replicate them. 

Players can submit the name of the drivers they need for tournament management at the same time as configuration.

Players will only be allowed to use drivers from the official manufacturer’s website. Razer

Tournament Drivers will be created on the admin PC in front of the Tournament Administration. 

Players should screen their home settings and bring them to the event to make sure they create a driver with the correct settings.

No other software or configs will be allowed once the tournament has started.

10. Hardware

10.1. Player provided

Players will be expected to bring the following hardware and any spare parts with them for the duration of the event.

The event provided gear could be of any make / model.




Mousepad (if desired)

Mouse bungee (if desired)




Tournament admins reserve the right to request any piece of gear provided by players to be

held at the event site to be inspected for evidence to provide an unfair advantage.

10.2.Venue provided hardware

Players must use the monitors, PCs, headsets, tables and chairs provided by the Event if this is part of the tournament schedule, for example during stage matches.

If there is a problem with the hardware available to player at the Event, it must be reported to a Tournament Manager at least 30 minutes before the match starts.

11. Tournament Area

The training area is where one’s team is located, or at the specified stage area

11.1. Access

Teams are allowed to have 7 people in the playing area.

This includes 5 players + a coach and a non-player related media employee.

11.2. Documents

Teams are allowed to carry physical books and folders with them during the match

11.3. Food & Drinks

All types of food and drink must be placed under the table, out of sight during stage matches.

Food on the stage can only be approved if it does not pig the stage.

11.4. Clothes and bags

No jackets or coats are allowed to be left on stage during a fight. This implies that they are hung on one’s chair or under the table.

If possible, players must wear player jerseys at all times when they are on the stage.

If an item, such as a hoodie, has been judged to provide an advantage, you may be asked to

take things off.

11.5. Electronics and USB devices

No member of a team may bring any electronic device or USB device other than gaming

peripherals to a tournament area at any time during the tournament.

This includes but is not limited to mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, and laptops.

The only exception is a phone if a player must use it to log in to steam, which must be done

immediately after reaching the stage and then handed over to tournament officials.

Players may be subjected to random metal detector tests at any time in a tournament area.

12. During the Match

12.1. Leaving the stage

Players are not entitled to leave the stage at any time during the build-up to or during a match without the express permission of their tournament referee.

12.2. Leaving the server

Players may not leave the server without the express permission of their tournament referee or until the match is over.

In case a player leaves a server without permission and does not return in time for the next

round, a break will not be granted

12.3. Tactical Timeouts

Teams can take up to 4 tactical timeouts of 30 seconds in the regulation rounds.

These can be used in separate rounds or as many as needed at a time.

In the playoffs, timeouts will be transferred to overtime. 

Coaches can talk during tactical timeouts.

12.4. Technical Break

Technical breaks can be called at any time, but will take effect at the next freezetime or

immediately during a freezetime. All communication, including not limited to text and speech

communication between players and coaches, is prohibited during a technical break. Warnings will be given to first offenses with more severe penalties for multiple occurrences. Players must continue to play any ongoing round until the break has come into force to allow tournament admin to make a decision according to the rulebook.

12.5. Match interuption

If a match is interrupted for reasons including, but not limited to, server crash, network/power outage, client crash, or other reasons beyond the team’s control, a round or restart may occur.

If the issue occurs during a round before damage is done, the round will be restored using CSGO’s recovery feature.

If the problem occurs during a round after damage has occurred and the outcome can still be determined, eg a single player is down while others remain, the round will continue to be played and counted.

If the issue occurs during a round after damage has occurred and the outcome of the round cannot be determined, such as a server crash, the match will be reset to the beginning of the round using CSGO’s restore feature.

If the question occurs during a round after damage has been done and the outcome of the round is obvious, eg CT’s saving / not trying to resume the bomb planted, the round may be awarded at the option of the tournament officials. If money problems remain after a round has been restored, the teams must immediately call a technical timeout to allow the tournament administration to correct it.

12.6. Scripts

All scripts are prohibited except for purchases and toggles. If a team / player is unsure of a

script’s validity, they must contact the tournament staff before use. However, double bind jumpthrow script is allowed.

12.7. Cheat

Cheating in any form is expressly prohibited. Any fraud will be dealt with with immediate

punishment for the player and / or the team. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, ghosting,

aiming assistant, wallhack, ESP, triggerbots and mobile hacking.

12.7.1 Fair Play

The tournament uses fair play rules. Blaming, racism and mockery of religion is prohibited and leads to punishment. Intentional provocation of an opponent is forbidden by the threat of


Participants should address the referees politely and respectfully.

If a participant intentionally attempts to sabotage games, other players or tournament

organizers, the player will be disqualified.

12.8. Changed data

No player may use any kind of custom game files that can manipulate the following, but not

limited to skin, crosshairs, scoreboards, player models, weapon models and sprites.

12.9. Bugs &  Glitches

Use of any bug or glitch that affects the outcome of a fight will be penalized, depending on the severity of the case. A bug or glitch includes, but is not limited to:

  • Move through clipped areas where movement is not determined by the design of the map.
  • Planting the bomb in a way that removes the plant sound or the beeping noise.
  • Planting the bomb where the opponents cannot detonate the bomb
  • Planting where opponents need a boost from another teammate is allowed
  • Boosting is allowed, except where players are boosted to a position where they can watch through / over an area not intended for the design of the map
  • Throw grenades under / through clipped areas on the map.

If a team or player has a question about what they think might be a bug or glitch, they should

bring it up to the tournament staff on Friday before the tournament start or at the team briefing.

12.10. New Positions

If a team has found a new position but is unsure of its validity within the rules, they should

contact the tournament officials before needing to check. This must be done on Friday before the tournament start or on team briefing.

12.11. Demos

Players are expected to record in-eye demos. They may be asked to be sent to the tournament staff after the match. Players are expected to keep all demos, from matches throughout the tournament and up to 7 days after the event

12.12. Nicknames

All players are expected to use the nicknames on their team sheets. If the Player has played aValve major or minor, this is used. No sponsors are allowed in the player’s nicknames.

12.13. Steam Group

All teams are expected, but not forced, to have all their players in one

steam group. All players must have this steam group set for the duration of the event.

12.14. Communication

No players can communicate with anyone not involved in the match, even if the game is

paused. Involvement in the match is limited to players, coaches and tournament staff.

12.15. Chat

Game-related chat is allowed, for example, asking the opponent’s hp or asking a question from the tournament officials. Players should not report technical issues or advertise any company, products, sponsors or services.

12.16. Item name tags

Players may not use items that have name tags that are vulgar in nature promotes

companies / sponsors / partners / services or violates the spirit of the game.

12.17. Graffiti

No player may use any graffiti during the tournament.

13. After the Match

13.1. Interview

Both the winning and losing team must provide one, from the team or team coach, for an

interview immediately after the match if requested by the media crew.

14. Penalty

14.1 Warnings

Punishments will be given in more serious offenses that are not limited to, but include:

  • More warnings
  • Deception, misinformation, deception or cheating
  • Violent behavior
  • Fight result manipulation

Penalties can result in a mix of, but not limited to, map loss, disqualification and bans.